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Prenotec GmbH

Prenotec develops, manufactures and sells chemical/technical products for industry and construction, including liquid plastic systems for sealing and coating roofs, terraces and balconies, as well as synthetic resins for seamless floor coverings in industrial and residential spaces.

Prenotec GmbH has been part of the Soprema Group since 2017. Its outstanding products in the field of liquid plastics perfectly complement Soprema AG’s ALSAN range.


Prenotec brings together expertise in liquid plastics gained from more than 100 years of Swiss industry. Prenotec’s success story began in 1991 with the founding of Hupremo AG. In addition to product development and manufacturing, its core areas of expertise also included sales and technical support. The acquisition of Gebrüder Liechti – Lisolit in 2010 added even more expertise, increased the variety of products on offer and expanded production capacity. In order to meet high demand, the product range was increased even further as a result of the takeovers of ALCO Lehmann and Serena Bauchemie GmbH in 2012 and 2016, respectively. With its vision of ‘Sealing and protecting with liquid plastic’ and more than 30 years of experience in the market, Prenotec joined the international SOPREMA Group in 2017.

Another milestone in the company’s history was the merging of the various production, development and sales locations in 2016, with a competence centre for liquid plastics (epoxy, polyurethane, acrylates and polymers) being established at the new site in Weinfelden. The company’s high-quality products are used all over Europe.

Since 2020, the well-established Prenotec products have been marketed by SOPREMA AG.

Liquid Plastics

There are a number of different ways to seal buildings against moisture and water. As a specialist in sealing using liquid plastics, we offer high-quality products that are very easy to apply and meet the most stringent requirements.
Fibre-reinforced Prenopur keeps a building absolutely watertight. It is reinforced with flexible mats so it adapts to dilatations and movement, and because it adapts flexibly to even the most complex shapes, Prenopur also seals joints, edges and roof penetrations (pipes, supports, etc.) without any problem.

In terms of applications, we differentiate between:

  • Partial joints and edges directly onto rigid substrates
  • Surface waterproofing of canopies and complex surfaces
  • Decorative sealing and coating of balconies, terraces and pergolas


Are you looking for a solution for your balcony or terrace? Here, too, you can visually enhance the sealant with colour, quartz or coloured chips. This is a long-lasting and visually appealing alternative to tiles, artificial grass or wooden decking. The following options are available for the decorative coating of balconies:

  • Quartz sand
  • Coloured chips
  • Smoothed quartz coatings
  • Coloured coatings

There are numerous options for different textures and materials. We would be happy to advise you on your project.


Floor Coverings

Seamless liquid plastic coverings are extremely versatile. Whether it’s a simple coating for the industrial sector, a high-quality product for an office or on a larger scale for a shopping centre – attractive and modern liquid plastic flooring offers a wide range of solutions for new builds or renovations. Wonderful designs for kitchens or living spaces in homes can also be created.

 The extensive range of Prenocolor colour pastes with different binders means they can be used in countless paints, varnishes, synthetic resins, plaster systems and other industrial products. These are dyed using a colour paste.

 Each material has its own strengths and areas of application:

 Durable floor coatings based on high-quality epoxy resins for robust applications in industry and commerce. Highly flexible, decorative, versatile and convenient coverings based on high-quality polyurethane resins.

Note: When Prenotec GmbH was taken over by the SOPREMA Group, the product range was merged. You will therefore be directed to the SOPREMA Group website if you wish to obtain information about Prenotec GmbH products. 

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